Our Research

Our interdisciplinary laboratory, comprising clinicians, engineers, and biologists, is dedicated to applying and developing micro/nanotechnologies to study, diagnose, and treat blood disorders, cancer, and childhood diseases. This unique "basement to bench to bedside" approach to biomedical research is enabled by our lab’s dual locations at the Emory University School of Medicine and the Georgia Institute of Technology and our affiliations with the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta hospitals.

In Vitro Microfluidic Cell-Cell Interactions: Novel microfluidics coated with endothelial cells enable cell-cell interaction studies.

Platelet Protein Sensing: Distinct proteins are presented to platelets, changing spreading and adhesion.

Platelet Geometrical Sensing: Platelets respond to the geometry of locally patterned proteins.

Individual Platelet Contraction: The first measurements of single platelet contraction, measured with an AFM

This material was originally published on the Lam Lab website.